Performer, collector and writer, specialising in guitar and mandolin

Welcome to my website, which will reflect some of the contrasts of my career, from working with the celebrated — Knopfler, Benbow, Calvert, Faithfull — to researching and resurrecting neglected styles and songs, plus recent writing.

Coming soon for you to explore:

  • downloadable recordings from my past and present repertoire
  • magazine interviews and music
  • articles (including from Awfully Affecting, my PhD thesis)
  • compositions and show songs
  • background, tracks and artwork for 3 current CDs
  • collections — emphemera and instruments

Latest project

My newest effort is Curiosities. Whilst referencing the past, I think it’s fresh. The time was right: new technology brings new possibilities and I’ve been lucky to have ace collaborators both sides of the microphone. I hope you will be as excited about the results as I am.